Shop Your Kitchen First!

One of the hardest parts about budgeting is planning how much to spend on groceries.The best way to limit the amount you have to spend on groceries is by making a menu. If you get paid every two weeks start off by making a menu that lasts two weeks.So how do you come up a menu for two weeks? Start with a quick shopping trip to your kitchen…that’s right…shop your kitchen. Chances are you have more food in it than you realize.

Go through all your cupboards listing on paper what you have. Then do the same with your fridge and freezer. Next, sit down with your list and make the menu. Pair together foods and find recipes that you can use up your current stockpile with. When done with the list, look it over and make a shopping list of the extra ingredients that you will need.

The new shopping list should be much shorter now that you are making use of what you have, which means you’ve probably just saved a lot of money. If you then use coupons or store discount cards you should be able to save a little bit more.

Here’s the next step… estimate how much your new grocery list will cost you and go to the bank or atm and remove that much money from the account (you can also use the envelope system for this). Only take that much money to the store with you so that you are more likely to keep to your new grocery budget.

Also post your menu on your fridge so that you are reminded to stick to the menu.

Are there other ways you save on groceries?



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